We spend a lot of time on our feet - and for some, all day. Why not pamper your hard-working feet and treat them to a professional pedicure? It's the perfect way to indulge, relax, and take care of your toes.


We'll start with removing any old nail polish, followed by a soothing foot bath to soften calluses and wash away your cares. Then, the real work begins: exfoliating and treating hard calluses to scrub away dead skin cells and reveal soft, new layers. We'll also trim and file your nails for a comfortable look and feel, followed by a massage and moisturizing treatment. Finally, we'll apply your choice of polish and let everything dry off. You'll be amazed at how clean and refreshed your feet feel!


Our nail spa specializes in taking care of you and your nails so that every visit is always better than the last. When you come to Queen's Village Nails, you know that the nail services we offer are the best in Hamden, CT. With friendly and experienced technicians ready to help, we're confident that you'll leave our salon feeling your best every time. Visit us today for our services and see how enjoyable just one pedicure can be!