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eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow Waxing

Our brows make a big difference in how we express ourselves - why not keep them looking their best with our eyebrow services? While many people opt for tweezing at home, it's in your best interest to have a trained professional assist you in getting that ideal arch.


Our eyebrow waxing service is an excellent way to ensure that your brows will look their best. With an experienced technician at the helm, you'll have a chance to discuss the thickness, length, and shape of your desired brows that will complement your face best. If you have thicker, heavier eyebrows that need taming, brow waxing is the practical way to thin them out and get your desired shape fast. With multiple sessions, your brows will grow back a bit softer as well, so you can worry less about bushy brows that need extra care and attention.


Since waxing quickly and efficiently removes hair at the root, the regrowth period is longer, and you can enjoy your arches for weeks at a time. While some may shy away from the pain involved with waxing, it's still a great alternative to long sessions spent at the mirror trying to tweeze and shape your brows on your own. Visit Queen's Village Nails in Hamden, CT, to be one step closer to beautiful brows.

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